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To view a map of your current location, press [ M ]. If you are within a structure, this displays a layout of the rooms. If you are on a planet surface, it displays a topographical map, with heights colored white and low-lying areas deep blue.

On the left-hand side of the screen is a key defining various icons you may see on the map. Not all points of interest on an uncharted world will be marked on the map initially. You will need to explore to find hidden locations.

On some maps you can zoom in and out by using the scroll bar on the right hand side. To pan across the map, hold down the [ Left Mouse Button ] on the map and drag using the mouse.

Click the [ Right Mouse Button ] to place a beacon on the map. This will appear on your radar, allowing you to easily navigate to distant locations.

If you are on an uncharted world, a button below the map will allow you to return to the Normandy.

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