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Press [ ENTER ] to bring up the chat window, then enter one of the phrases indicated below for the corresponding effect.

Cheat Method
+1,000 food i want pizza
Gain [ x ] amount of food i want pizza [x]
+1,000 wood bring me my axe
Gain [ x ] amount of wood bring me my axe [x]
+1,000 metal your money or your life
Gain [ x ] amount of metal your money or your life [x]
+1,000 stone i see a mountain here
Gain [ x ] amount of stone i see a mountain here [x]
Full Map jame jam
Max. Population Limit the hive master
Max. Population set to 500 TARDIS
Random Hero - Building must be selected iwanttopwnthem
Convert currently selected unit wololo
Kill the currently selected unit black death
Faster gathering, building, fighting, etc i am too busy
At last one fighter plane; Building must be selected how do you turn this on?
Defeat a player; player two is default exodia
Create at least one infantry citizen soldier salad bowl
Advance current phase back to the future

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