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10-Yard Fight is a 1983 American football arcade game that was developed and published in Japan by Irem and published in the United States by Taito and in Europe by Electrocoin.


The game is viewed in a top-down perspective and is vertical scrolling. The player does not select plays for either offense or defense. On offense, the player simply receives the ball upon the snap and either attempt to run with the quarterback, toss the ball to one of two running backs, or throw the ball to the one long distance receiver - basically the option offense. On defense, the player chooses one of two players to control, and the computer manipulates the others. The ball can also be punted or a field goal can be attempted.

10-Yard Fight has five levels of difficulty; from easiest to most difficult: high school, college, professional, play-off and Super Bowl. If the player wins both halves of an "accelerated real time" 30-minute half at an easier level, the player advances to the next level of difficulty.


The arcade game was later ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System by Irem first in Japan, and later published in North America and Europe by Nintendo in 1985. The arcade game was also ported to the MSX by Irem exclusively in Japan.

Differences between arcade and NES versions

While graphically similar, there were some fundamental differences between the NES and arcade versions of the game. The arcade version only sought to simulate the offense, with the team attempting to score a touchdown, which would ultimately lead the player to the next level. The NES version was developed to allow both defense and offense, as well as a simultaneous 2-player mode. However, this mode is flawed in that the 2nd (red) player retains the AI cheats, giving him or her an unfair advantage.


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Famicom Release30 August 1985 +
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International Arcade Release1983 +
International Release1983 +
Japanese Famicom Release30 August 1985 +
Japanese MSX Release1996 +
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MSX Release1996 +
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North American Release18 October 1985 +
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StatusReleased +
Year1983 +, 1985 + and 1996 +

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