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101-in-1 Party Megamix is a party video game, developed by Nordcurrent and published by Atlus for the Wii home console. It was released on October 27, 2009 in North America and October 30, 2009 in Europe.


The game features three different modes: TV Guide, Zapping, and Marathon. Featuring eight differently-themed channels, TV Guide mode challenges players to beat high scores to unlock more games and earn bonus prizes to decorate their player profiles with. Zapping mode provides instant access to any currently unlocked game. Up to four players can join the party in Marathon mode where everyone plays five randomly selected games in a row and competes for the highest score. Players can take on the one hundred and one challenges alone to access every last game, or make it a family competition, and see who can unlock the most games. Up to four profiles can be saved per console so each player's individual progress is maintained.


The game received mixed reviews from critics. ImpulseGamer[1] stated that it "tries too hard to deliver the goods and if they cut back the amount of games included in this release and focused on making them better, this title would have been a very enjoyable game".[1] While an AceGamez editor felt "saddened by this game as after being an avid lover of the DS version this just didn't come close". Allgame rated it 2/5[2].


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ESRBE10+ +
European Release30 October 2009 +
European Wii Release30 October 2009 +
FeaturesSingle-player + and Multi-player +
GameCatVideo Game +
GenreParty +
Name101-in-1 Party Megamix +
NamePage101-in-1 Party Megamix +
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North American Release27 October 2009 +
North American Wii Release27 October 2009 +
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Wii Release30 October 2009 + and 27 October 2009 +
Year2009 +

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