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Basic movement control for the Mako are the same as walking:

Forward: [ W ]

Turn Left: [ A ]

Turn Right: [ D ]

Reverse: [ S ]

Press [ Spacebar ] to trigger the Mako's thrusters, allowing it to jump over obstacles and enemy missiles. The thrusters propel the Mako upwards relative to the ground. If parked on a 45-degree slope, the Mako will be propelled off to one side, not straight up.

Moving the mouse changes the facing of the Mako's turret and gun, but NOT the direction the Mako moves in. If the turret is not facing towards the front of the vehicle, you will not be able to see where you are driving.

Press [ E ] to enter and Q to exit the Mako. Exit the Mako to fight on foot or enter buildings and facilities.

Press [ N ] to leave an uncharted world and return to the Normandy.

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