Use [ Left Mouse Button ] to fire the Mako's anti-personnel machine gun. Holding down the button allows constant fire, but the weapon can overheat. Use [ Right Mouse Button ] to fire a single shot from the anti-vehicle cannon.

While the camera can look nearly straight up down, the turret-mounted weapons have a maximum depression and elevation. It is not possible to hit very close or very high targets.

Zoom in to view distant objects using [ Shift ]. There are three zoom settings to cycle through.

Like squad members, the Mako has shields that regenerate over time. If the shields are worn out, hits will cause hull damage that must be repaired.

Press the [ F ] key to repair the Mako's hull by expending omni-gel. The Electronics Talent increase the amount repaired. The Mako cannot move during repairs, so be sure you're in a safe location!

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