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1914 Shells of Fury is a submarine simulation set during The Great War. The game centers around commanding Kaiserliche Marine U-boats from the beginning of the War in 1914 to its end. It was developed by h2f Informationssysteme and Rondomedia and published by Strategy First in 2007.


The review aggregator website Gamerankings gives the game a score of 46% out of 100%, basing its ranking on three other articles found about the game[1].

Game Chronicles Magazine released a review of the game, calling the gameplay missions "mostly forgettable", adding, "you can only play as the Germans, and the game does not offer multiplayer. The developers get credit for a robust mission editor that allows you to choose the location, weather conditions, and size of convoy you want to fight. However, I can still only recommend this game to the most hardcore naval sim fans who value authenticity over gameplay"[2].

The Washington Post review similarly was critical of the game, stating, "If you are a hard-core submarine simulation fan, you might give Shells of Fury a fighting chance, but other gamers will probably want to look elsewhere."[3]


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Microsoft Windows Release14 August 2007 +
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North American Release14 August 2007 +
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