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  • March — In Sweden, the Swedish video game magazine Super PLAY (SP) starts. The original name is Super Power.
  • Midway Games embroiled in controversy for its game Mortal Kombat from 1992 when the game is launched for video game consoles in 1993.
  • The first use of motion control photography in video games, used by Stormfront Studios in Eagle Eye Mysteries, produced by Scott Orr and published by Electronic Arts


Notable releases


  • Atari Corp. releases the Jaguar home console, calling it the first 64-bit video game system
  • Commodore Business Machines releases the Amiga CD32 multimedia home console
  • Goldstar, Panasonic, and Sanyo release their versions of the 3DO, the first 32-bit home console
  • Intel releases the first Pentium chip for the PC, creating a new generation of personal computers.
  • Nintendo releases a smaller redesigned NES, which allows cartridges to now be inserted at the top of the console, instead of the front.
  • Pioneer releases the LaserActive multimedia home console
  • Sega's Mega CD released in Europe and Australia.
  • Tandy releases the Video Information System (VIS) multimedia home console


  • Magnavox is acquired by the Carlyle Group
  • Microprose Inc. is acquired by Spectrum Holobyte
  • New companies: nVidia Corporation, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., Croteam Ltd.

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