The winners in each category are as follows:

Game of the Year

  • Computer Game of the Year: Starcraft
    (D/P: Blizzard Entertainment)

Outstanding Achievement

PaRappa The Rapper box

Computer Genre Game of the Year

  • Computer Sports Game of the Year: FIFA Road to World Cup '98
    (D: Electronic Arts - Canada, P: Electronic Arts)
    • other nominees:
      [[Links LS 98 Access Software Access Software)
      NBA Action '98 (D: Visual Concepts, P: Sega)
Age of empires

Console Genre Game of the Year

  • Console Role Playing Game of the Year: Final Fantasy VII
    (D: Square Soft, P: Sony Computer Entertainment America)
    • other nominees:
      Alundra (D: Matrix Software, P: Sony Computer Entertainment America)
      Final Fantasy VII (D: Square Soft, P: Sony Computer Entertainment America)
      Suikoden (D/P: Konami)
      Wild Arms (D: Media.Vision Entertainment, P: Sony Computer Entertainment America)

Other Awards

  • Online Game of the Year: Ultima Online
    (D: ORIGIN Systems, P: Electronic Arts)
  • Entertainment Site of the Year: Bezerk
    (D: Berkely Systems/Jellyvision, P: Berkely Systems)
    • other nominees:
      Comedy Central Online (D: Comedy Central)
      Disney's Daily Blast (D: Disney Online, P: Disney Interactive)
      Entertainment Asylum (D/P: America Online)
      NBC TV's Home on the Web (D/P: NBC Digital Productions)
  • News/Information Site of the Year: CNN Online
    (D/P: CNN Interactive)
    • other nominees:
      ABC News Online (D/P: ABC News Internet Ventures)
      Discovery Channel Online (D: Discovery Channel Online, P: Discovery Channel)
      ESPN Sportszone (D/P: ESPN Internet Ventures)
      The Washington Post Online (D: The Washington Post Online, P: The Washington Post)

External links

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