See 2006 for other events during the year.

April 27 2006 (Wednesday)

Remember the Nintendo Revolution? Well, you can forget about it, because Nintendo announced the long rumored name change. It was always known that "Revolution" was merely a temporary code name, but no one expected them to ultimately choose a non-existant word to replace it - Wii. Pronounced "We", the name is supposed to represent inclusiveness, with two I's, representing two peple, or two controllers. "ii" is also a Japanese word for "good", though only fans have been pointing this out, and not Nintendo themselves. Fan reaction is mixed, or in some cases, negative.

April 10 2006 (Thursday)

  • Red Steel Revolution
Ubisoft reveals the first Nintendo Revolution screenshots in the pages of Game Informer with Red Steel, an upcoming action game with at least some parts in first-person perspective. You play an American battling the Yakuza in Japan, using at least a gun and a Katana. The game is said to be highly immersive, making use of the unique motion sensing control of the Revolution, with game mechanics such as sparing the lives of your enemies and gaining respect.

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