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December 31 2007 (Monday)

First screen shots of C&C: Tiberium

CC renegade box
On December 18 EA announced that they were making a FPS for the Command & Conquer universe that takes place after C&C3. Today they released the first screen shots of Command & Conquer: Tiberium. The game is described as Command & Conquer: Renegade meets Battlefield 2 and runs on the Crytek 2 engine. It will be available for PS3, X360 and PC.

December 28 2007 (Friday)

Counter-Strike Online beta testing

This weekend will be the Counter-Strike Online's 170,000-Player Beta Weekend. Counter-Strike Online Beta test will be a steam free version with new weapons and map. CSO is scheduled for release in Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.

December 27 2007 (Thursday)

Manhunt 2 Worst game of 2007

Manhunt 2
The Associated Press just published their worst of 2007 list for video games. At the top is Manhunt 2 for having the press attention. In second place is Vampire Rain, then Deal or No Deal, Liar for the PS3 and last Escape from Bug Island!

December 26 2007 (Wednesday)

iPhone PSX emulator available for beta test

Sony Playstation Logo
iPhone PSX emulator is available for public beta testing. Individuals with an iPhone or an iPod the emulator at ZodTTD's site.

December 24 2007 (Monday)

Crysis gets Tournament Map Pack

Crysis Boxart Final
Today Crytek released a map pack for Crysis which contains 5 official maps. Two of the InstantAction variety and three of the PowerStruggle type maps are available for download.

December 21 2007 (Friday)

Burnout Paradise shows map

Burnout Paradise Boxart 2
Burnout Paradise developers have released a map of paradise city, where the player races. The map is larger than most players expected

December 20 2007 (Thursday)

Rock Band has ok sales

Rock band
Aside from broken guitars and a cost of $170, Rock Band sales were considered decent. The game did not make the NPD top ten charts but sold 296000 copies for the Xbox 360 and 68500 for the PS3. The game has yet to sell its PS2 and Wii copies.

December 19 2007 (Wednesday)

Duke Nukem Forever trailer

Duke nukem forever
Today 3D realms released a Duke Nukem Forever trailer. Still there is no release dates, just improved graphics

December 18 2007 (Tuesday)

EA offers Free Game for broken Rock Band guitars

Rock band
If you bought Rock band and had one of those broken guitars, EA is offering you a free game that they published before in 2007. The offer is good through January 11. See the list in the link for details of what games you can choose from.

December 17 2007 (Monday)

Crisis core Dated for North America

CCFF7 Japan front
The spin off to Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII has been dated for release on March 25, 2008. The game was a massive success in Japan. Other square enix games that are dated for release includes Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates on March 11, 2008 and Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors which will be released on February 26, 2008.

New Resident Evil CGI movie

Residentevil4 pc
Resident Evil: Degeneration the new CGI Resident Evil movie has shown a trailer today. The movie is published by Sony pictures. The trailer shows multiple quick scene changes.

December 14 2007 (Friday)

Google shows that Wii is the top console in searches

Wii Logo
Google's Zeitgeist 2007 shows that the Wii was the most search console for the holiday season. For all year round in 2007 it was the Xbox 360. The PS3 is the least searched of the three.

December 13 2007 (Thursday)

Activision Lawsuit

Today Activision just pissed of lots of people by not making the Guitar Hero guitar compatible with Rock band on the PS3. Furthermore they are getting sued for promising Dolby Pro Logic II support on the Wii which they only provided mono sound for.

December 12 2007 (Wednesday)

X-Play expands

X-Play is set to expand next week from game reviews to all around gaming news. Starting January 14 they will be covering sneak peeks, interviews, game demos, game analysis, and cheats.

Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi explains Multiplatform of DMC4

Capcom had decided that Devil May Cry 4 would not be exclusive for the PC. But moving it to another platform was easy. Hiroyuki Kobayashi explains that the game was developed on a multi-target framework which ran on the PC. The game is then moved to the targeted console (PS3 or 360) using the power of that console.

Halo 3 Sells 5 million copies

Today Microsoft announced that Halo 3 has sold over 5 million copies since its launch date.

December 11 2007 (Tuesday)

3 New Halo 3 Maps today

Three new maps set for Halo 3 introduced by Red vs. Blue in a new video. The maps are Standoff, Foundry, and Rat's Nest. They are available today on Xbox Live!

December 10 2007 (Monday)

DMC4 demo coming out very soon

On Friday, Capcom has announced that they will release a Devil May Cry 4 demo in early 2008. The demo will showcases several of the game's locations and the game mechanics.

December 7 2007 (Friday)

Simple 2000: Japan sales chart

Flag of Japan
Nintendo is back in the lead with its Nintendo DS Lite in sales with 124,591 units. The Wii comes in second on sales in Japan with 74,764. For the period between November 26th and December 2nd, the company sold more Nintendo Wiis than it has on a weekly basis since July. Thanks, Wii Fit! The PSP sold 74,626, Sony's PlayStation 3 sold 37,092, and PlayStation 2 sold 13,703 units. The Xbox 360 sold 6,632 units.

December 6 2007 (Thursday)

PlayStation Store opens to PSP

Sony has opened a PSP Store online to download games to the PlayStation Portable. The PSP has to be hardwired to your PC and then you can download games directly online to the handheld console.

December 5 2007 (Wednesday)

Xbox games are region locked

Microsoft announced today that downloaded games for the Original Xbox will be region locked. Similar to all Xbox Live games.

December 4 2007 (Tuesday)

GameSpot may see lashback from firing employee

GameSpot (logo)
After Gamespot fired Jeff Gerstmann for rating Kane & Lynch: Dead Men because of advertiser pressure, a large amount of Gamespot editorial said that their credibility was ruined. Eidos was said to be less than pleased with Gerstmann's review

December 3 2007 (Monday)

Vivendi Games buys Activision

Vivendi Games which includes Blizzard Entertainment has announced merger with Activision. Vivendi will be the majority share holder in the deal after purchasing $1.7 billion in Activision stock, and the whole deal is reported to be worth $18.9 billion. The name Activision Blizzard also will not be appearing on game products.

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