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October 31 2007 (Wednesday)

Alexey Pajitnov Gets paid

Alexey Pajitnov
Alexey Pajitnov creator of tetris who sold the license for 10 years was thought to have no royalties. Alexey told Gamespot that starting 1996 he stared to get royalties for his game.

2 Atari Games go gold

Atari announced yesterday that their Dragon Ball Z game for the PS2 and Wii has gone gold and today they announced that Godzilla Unleashed has gone gold. They are probably trying to pay back loans borrowed from October 25. Their stock NASDAQ:ATAR is likely to go up again.

UT3 has gone gold

UT3 logo
Epic Games Unreal Tournament III has gone gold today! It has also been dated for a European release of November 23 and an North American release of November 19.

October 30 2007 (Tuesday)

Volunteer for GDC 2008

Gdc 08 logo
GDC 2008 is taking volunteers. If you volunteer for 20 hours you can get in to the show for free. The link is down below. You will also get a free t-shirt!

October 29 2007 (Monday)

Sony predict losses from games

Sony Logo
Sony announced today that they've doubled the projected losses for the games unit for the financial year (ending in March). The losses are up to ¥100 billion.

October 26 2007 (Friday)

Microsoft stocks rise from Halo 3 sales

Microsoft stocks have risen yesterday by 11.09% during the after hours of the Wall street stock market. The rise was due to the sales of Halo 3 which made $300 million on its release date. The price rose from 32.01 to 35.56.

October 25 2007 (Thursday)

Nintendo hires 2 new executives

Logo nintendo
Nintendo has recently hired Cammie Dunaway and Shigeyuki Takahashi. Dunaway who worked at yahoo is the new executive vice president of sales & marketing. Takahashi was moved from Nintendo Research Inc., in Japan, to the US to serve as Nintendo of America's executive vice.

Assassins Creed gone Gold

Assassin's Creed
Ubisoft has started mass printing Assassin's Creed today for its release on November 13. Assassin's creed will be available on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

October 24 2007 (Wednesday)

Read books on the DS

Nintendo DS now lets you read books in Japan. The books can be downloaded via via Nintendo WiFi

October 23 2007 (Tuesday)

EA changes Simpsons GTA level

Simpsons game
Since EA debuted the trailer for the level "Grand theft Scratchy" in The Simpsons Game, Take-Two has had issues with the title parodying its GTA series, even though GTA parodies a lots of other games, which caused EA to change the name of the level to Mob Rules.

October 22 2007 (Monday)

Xbox 360 price reduction in Japan

Xbox360 logo
A new, limited-edition 20GB "Xbox 360 Value Pack" with Forza Motorsport 2 and Viva Piñata will go on sale which will be reduced to ¥34,800 ($302). The Core 360 system will be reduced to ¥27,800 ($241).

October 19 2007 (Friday)

Jack targets Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2
Jack Thompson will be on Fox News on Saturday at 11 AM Eastern Time. He will be discussing Manhunt 2 on Forbes on Fox program.

October 18 2007 (Thursday)

Okami confirmed for Wii

Following the Capcom Gamer's Day event, Eurogamer and MCV report confirmation of the long-standing rumour of a Wii port of Okami on the horizon. More details are expected tomorrow.

PS3 on sale time to buy?

The 40GB PlayStation 3 will go on sale November 2nd, which is before the console drops in Japan on November 11th, but right after Europe on October 10th. The price is set at $400USD.

October 17 2007 (Thursday)

Support for classic consoles discontinued

Starting October 31 Nintendo will no longer support the NES and Famicom. The console was originally launched in Japan back in 1983 and the parts for the old consoles are becomming more difficult to find and produce. Support for the SNES, Game Boy, GBC and N64 will also be discontinued.

October 16 2007 (Tuesday)

ESA hires Jennifer Mercurio

ESA logo
For their new defense attorny the ESA as hired Jennifer Mercurio for their government affairs. Mercurio has previous gaming experience and have been hired before by the ESA.

October 15 2007 (Monday)

Neo Geo games on Virtual Console

The first Neo Geo games will be available at 9am PT today for the Virtual Console. The three are three released are Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury and World Heroes, and each will set you back 900 points.

October 12 2007 (Friday)

Mass Effect still coming on November 20

Mass Effect X360 NA Box Art
After EA recent acquisition of Bioware and Pandemic Studios yesterday, many have questioned if it effects the Mass Effect release date. Microsoft has confirmed that Mass effect will still be exclusive to the Xbox 360 and retain its November 20th release date

October 11 2007 (Thursday)

Jack vs Master Chief round 2!

After his failed attempts to ban Halo 3 in Florida, Jack Thompson has been invited to The Morning Show With Mike & Juliet on the Fox Network at 9AM eastern time. He will be talking about churches using Halo 3 as promo material.

SSSB Delayed!

During the Nintendo Media Summit, it was announced that Super Smash Bros. Melee would be officially delayed until February 10, 2008.

October 10 2007 (Wednesday)

Sonic joins the Brawl

Sonic the hedgehog 2006 game
Today the official SSBB site announced that Sonic the Hedgehog, the mascot of Sega, will be a new challenger. This is the second third-party character included in the Brawl. There is a movie and pictures on the Super Smash Bros. Dojo site.

UT3 Demo soon to Arrive

UT3 logo
Today Beyond Unreal is reporting some new Unreal Tournament III demo details on their site. The demo will include 2 deathmatch maps and one vehicle capture the flag map.

October 9 2007 (Tuesday)

Infogrames pawns Atari

Since Atari was threatened to be delisted from Nasdaq because they published crappy games and their stocks fell, Infogrames now owns 51% of Atari shares. Infogrames has also removed five of Atari's board of directors, and added three Infogrames executives into the company. Hopefully Atari recovers.

October 8 2007 (Monday)

Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle

Xbox360 logo
All Xbox 360s and Xbox 360 Elites will now come with free copies of Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, a $90 value. The game bundle will come at a reduced prices of $349.99 (U.S.) for Xbox 360 and $449.99 (U.S.) for Xbox 360 Elite.

October 5 2007 (Friday)

SingStar's new tracklist

Sony Logo
Sony have decided to include old-fashioned R&B artists and hiphop music in their game SingStar R&B. The game will be released on October for PAL markets.

October 4 2007 (Thursday)

Sony teams up with Toshiba

Sony Logo
Sony will work with Toshiba to produce graphics chips. Because of the mass production of chips, we may see cheaper PS3 prices.

October 3 2007 (Wednesday)

Super Mario Galaxy site opens today

The official Japanese web site for Super Mario Galaxy has gone live. The site has many videos and details about the game.

October 2 2007 (Tuesday)

Nintendo gives away free Remote Jackets

Wii Logo
Starting October 15, Nintendo will be giving away free free silicone covers for their Wii Remotes. One will come free with the purchase of each Wii Remote or Wii.

October 1 2007 (Monday)

Microsoft releases Falcon Chips

Xbox360 logo
Microsoft has released a 65nm "Falcon" CPUs for the Halo edition Xbox 360. The falcon chips are more cheaper to produce and are smaller. The 65nm chipped Halo 3 console was built August 24, 2007 from team "FDOU" and part of lot 734.

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