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2181 Arion

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This rock planet is only known from space probes, and there are no records of its exploration. It appears to have a moderate atmosphere of hydrogen and helium over an icy surface.

Facts about "2181 Arion"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure1.31 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length59.6 Earth Hours +
DisplayName2181 Arion +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
Name2181 Arion +
NamePage2181 Arion +
Names2181 Arion +
Orbital Distance2.45 AU +
Orbital Period3.84 Earth Years +
PageName2181 Arion +
PageTypeElement +
Radius4,404 km +
Surface Gravity0.57 G +
Surface Temperature260.15 K (-13 °C, 8.6 °F, 468.27 °R) +

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