The winners in each category are as follows:

Game of the Year

  • Computer Game of the Year: Half-Life
    (D: Valve Corporation, P: Sierra Online)

Outstanding Achievement

  • Outstanding Achievement in Sound and Music: Road Rash 3D
    (D/P: Electronic Arts)

NFL Quarterback Club '99 (D: Iguana Entertainment, P: Acclaim)

Genre Game of the Year (Computer)

  • Computer Action Game of the Year: Half-Life
    (D: Valve Corporation, P: Sierra Online)

Douglas Adam's Starship Titanic (D: The Digital Village, P: Simon & Schuster Interactive)
Quest: Mask of Eternity (D/P: Sierra Studios)
Sanitarium (D: Dreamforge Entertainment, P: ASC Games)
The X-Files Game (D: HyperBole Studios, P: Fox Interactive)

  • Computer Role Playing Game of the Year: Baldur's Gate
    (D: BioWare Corp., P: Interplay Product)

Genre Game of the Year (Console)

1080 snowboard

Genre Game of the Year (Online)

Other Awards

  • Entertainment Site of the Year:
    (D/P: GameSpot Inc.)
    • other nominees:
      Comedy Central Online (D/P: Comedy Central)
      MSN Gaming Zone (D/P: Microsoft) (D/P: E-Pub Inc.)
  • News/Information Site of the Year:
    (D/P: CNN Interactive CNN Interactive)
    • other nominees: (D/P: GameSpot Inc.)
      Media (D/P: Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive) (D: Juliana Cole, P: Chicago Tribune Interactive) (D/P: The New York Times Electronic Media)

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