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3D fighting cideo games are a variation of the popular fighting game genre. Beside the obvious graphical difference, 3D fighters tend to have slower animations, and thus slower game mechanics. The player cannot use combos or perform quick moves; the animation has to play out. Despite this, 3D fighting video games are not inferior to 2D fighting games - they are just different.

Beside this, there is also the innovative side-step ability. Side-stepping keeps the camera in a 2D plane perspective, while one of the characters moves. With this, appears that the stage revolves, when it's really just the camera moving to keep the two fighters in the same position. Side-stepping is used for executing new moves, or as an effective dodge.

Some 3D fighters break the 2D fighting mold even more. Games like Power Stone are completely different than typical 3D fighters that they are almost a different genre.

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