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3 on 3 NHL Arcade is an NHL-licensed arcade-style hockey sports game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, using the NHL 09 engine. The game was developed by EA Canada under the EA Sports Freestyle banner.

A Demo for the game is available with the PlayStation 3 release of NHL 11.


As the name implies, the game is pared down to single contests of three NHL players per team, who are big head versions of their actual selves. Online gamers have nicknamed the game 'Blorp' as a shout-out to the sound effects heard within the game's menu. The game allows for multi-player online and off-line play. The game is played on a 'first to...' basis rather than within a set time limit, meaning there can be a near-unlimited amount of periods per match. Power-ups can be obtained which can give advantages to either team. Due to poor coding some power-ups that were intended to be advantageous actually harm the team that gets them, such as Mega-Goalie which prompts the goalie to enlarge and then allow shots to go in from anywhere.

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