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The winners in each category are as follows:

Game of the Year

The Sims box

Outstanding Achievement

  • Outstanding Achievement in Original Music Composition: Um Jammer Lammy
    (D: NanaOn-Sha Co., P: Sony Computer Entertainment America)
    • other nominees:
      Outcast (D: Appeal, P: Infogrames)
      Silver (D/P: Infogrames)

  • Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design: Medal of Honor
    (D: DreamWorks Interactive, P: Electronic Arts)
  • Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering: Unreal Tournament
    (D: Epic Games, P: GT Interactive Software)

Genre Game of the Year (Computer)

Halflife opposing forces box
  • Computer Sports Game of the Year: FIFA 2000
    (D: Electronic Arts - Canada, P: Electronic Arts)

Genre Game of the Year (Console)

Other Awards

185px-EverQuest Box Art
  • Entertainment Site of the Year:
    (D: Jack Szwergold, P: Peter Haise)
    • other nominees: (D/P: (D/P: CHMAN) (D: Leah Gentry, Editor, P: Los Angeles Times)
      Tony the Tiger Website (D/P: Magnet Interacitive) (D: Jim Moloshok (CEO)) (D/P:
  • News/Information Site of the Year:
    (D/P: GameSpot Inc.)
    • other nominees: (D/P: CNN Interactive)

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