The winners in each category are as follows:

Game of the Year


Outstanding Innovation in Gaming

  • Outstanding Innovation in Console Gaming: Katamari Damacy
    (D/P: Namco)
    • other nominees:
      Donkey Konga (D: Namco, P: Nintendo)
      Eye Toy: Anti-Grav (D: Harmonix Music Systems, P: Sony Computer Entertainment America)
      Fable (D: Big Blue Box, P: Microsoft)
      Halo 2 (D: Bungie Software, P: Microsoft)

Outstanding Achievement

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas box
  • Outstanding Achievement in Original Musical Composition: Fable
    (D: Big Blue Box, P: Microsoft)
  • Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering: Half-Life 2
    (D: Valve, P: Vivendi Universal Games)

Genre Game of the Year

  • Role Playing Game of the Year Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker]]
    (D/P: BioWare Corp.)

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