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ABC Sports Indy Racing is a racing video game made in 1997. It was officially licensed by the Indy Racing League.

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Facts about "ABC Sports Indy Racing"RDF feed
ContentTypeVideo Game +
DeveloperShot Sports Software +
DisplayNameABC Sports Indy Racing +
FeaturesSingle-player + and Multi-player +
GameCatVideo Game +
GenreRacing + and Sports +
MediaCD-ROM +
Microsoft Windows Release1997 +
NameAbc Sports Indy Racing +
NamePageABC Sports Indy Racing +
NamesAbc Sports Indy Racing + and ABC Sports Indy Racing +
North American Microsoft Windows Release1997 +
North American Release1997 +
PageNameABC Sports Indy Racing +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PlatformMicrosoft Windows +
PlatformTypePC + and OS +
PublisherABC Interactive +
RatingBodiesESRB +
RatingsESRB-KA +
RegionNorth America +
StatusReleased +
Year1997 +

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