Your mission is to protect the innocent civilians in the 6 Cities in your sector from the nuclear ICBM's of a maniacal, anti-American, Third-World dictator, whoever we're against this week. You do this by launching your own nuclear ABM's to fly into the path of the incoming misiles and detonate, destroying everything within the nuclear burst. The missiles come in waves and get faster and more numerous as the game progresses. After a few waves, SmartBombs begin to come in. SmartBombs can see the nuclear bursts and hover or dodge around them, and some of them can fly thru nuclear bursts for short periods. Occasionally, you will see Multiple, Independently-targetted, Re-entry Vehicles (MIRV's). MIRV's are special warheads which look normal until they are triggered, causing them to split into several warheads, all aimed at different cities! The game is over when all your Cities have been destroyed (even if you have ABM Sites).

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