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AND 1 Streetball is a streetball video game for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, developed by Black Ops Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. The game was released on June 6, 2006, in conjunction with the AND1 Mixtape Tour. A scaled-down, mobile version of the game, developed by Gameloft, was also released.

While not the first game to feature AND 1 players, 'AND 1 Streetball is officially licensed by the company, and includes the 2005 AND 1 roster as well as Duke Tango, AND 1's MC for its annual Mix Tape Tours.

The game features a story mode mirroring the "Streetball" series on ESPN, where players are able to create their own basketball player and enter him in the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour in order to get a contract with the AND 1 team. Along the way, players are able to create their own stylized trick moves and pull them off with a two-analog stick system called "I BALL."

The PlayStation 2 version supports multiplayer via multitap and GameSpy, while the Xbox version includes Xbox Live support.

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And 1 Streetball (VG) (2005) - PS201:27

And 1 Streetball (VG) (2005) - PS2


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