Advanced Dungeons & Rabbits (ADR) is a role-playing game modification for the popular internet forum phpBB. Available under the GNU General Public License, ADR is free software. The modification is written in the PHP programming language.


ADR was originally released on February 10, 2004 by a French phpBB MODder knows as Dr.DLP/Malicious Rabbit. He developed the MOD up to version 0.2.1. At this point, pressures of a medical degree forced him to quit, and he asked Seteo-Bloke if he would like to continue the development. Seteo-Bloke, or Set', had been learning PHP by developing MODs for ADR, and agreed, releasing a new version on December 28, 2004.

ADR is a very large modification of phpBB, and is used by many people around the world. Their Website has over three thousand members, and is frequented by guests everywhere.

Future Development

Seteo-Bloke has currently no plans to develop ADR to be compatible with phpBB3, although another developer (Ganondorf/Ganon-Master) has been working on this. A version has been released, but it contains bugs and is currently undergoing a complete rewrite by Ganon Master.

Developers and past developers include Ganonmaster/Ganondorf, Seteo-Bloke, ShadowTek, Ethalic, and One_Piece.

MODs and Extensions

There are many MODs and extensions to ADR, but a few of the most prominent ones are:

Rabbitoshi A pet MODification originally developed by Dr DLP as a separate modification for phpBB and recently Ethalic and Shadowtek whom have worked to make Rabbitoshi integrated with ADR. Rabbitoshi enables users to keep a (cyber)pet which they may use in an ADR battle however this is not required and earlier versions contained their own battle code.

Zone MOD Developed by One_Piece, it enables site administrators to create NPCs with quests, as well as a Zone-changing system.


ADR boasts a full PvP and monster battle arena, a jail, skills, a forge, shops, warehouses, and many other features. It requires a points MOD of some kind, the most popular being CashMOD.

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