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A futuristic racer not unlike F-Zero. At the time of its release a similar game, Acclaim's Extreme G eclipsed it completely with better game play.

The reason Aero Gauge was eclipsed is probably because it is almost a bare bones racing game. There are a meagre 6 tracks, with no ability to tweak your Aeromachine (The vehicle that you race). No power-ups, no weapons, just straight-up racing. The racing mechanics are a little more interesting, though, as they let you defy gravity and race upside-down in tubes & tunnels.

Like any good futuristic racer, it maintains a solid frame rate with a good sense of speed, meaning that the game feels fast. But, it also suffers from bad draw distance. Just a few feet in front of your car, you may find fog in your way; this is not a Fog of War, it's the Nintendo 64 trying to draw the track before you get there, but failing. This can make sharp turns a bit of a hassle.

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