The CD itself is actually 2 audio CD tracks. Track 1 appears as the data track, and track 2 is the soundtrack as a Red Book audio track. According to Gracenote, it is called "Subatai Defeats The Knights Templar". The Age of Empires Collector Edition Soundtrack CD's tracklist gives a lot of the individual tracks own names. The tracks were composed by Stephen Rippy and Kevin McMullan.

These are the tracks that appear on the audio part of the game CD, in order of playback. Since the tracks are not separated, but instead one long track with floating transitions, the times given here are estimates.

  • 1. Pork Parts (3:06)
  • 2. Pudding Pie (3:20)
  • 3. Tide Me Over Warm 'em Ups (2:55)
  • 4. Voodoodoodoo (2:57)
  • 5. The Bovinian Derivative (3:09)
  • 6. Case in Point: Paste (2:57)
  • 7. Mountain Lie On / Seamus and Chamois (3:19)
  • 8. Subotai Defeats the Knights Templar (3:06)
  • 9. Roi-r! / Basura! Basura! (2:40)
  • 10. Neep Ninny-Bod (3:19)

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