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Age of Empires Online (abbreviated AoEO), was a history-based real-time strategy computer game under development, to be released in 2011 and digitally distributed.[1] Developed by Robot Entertainment and published by Microsoft.[2] It was the first Age of Empires game to feature Games for Windows – LIVE functionality, and was the first game developed by Robot Entertainment.


Age of Empires Online features the standard gameplay of past games with the addition of: A persistent online capital city that lives and grows even when you’re offline, Cooperative multiplayer quests, trading and a level-based system that lets you progress at your own pace, Fun, approachable style and storylines, for Windows – Live.

This game would be blending the real-time strategy (RTS) with massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming.[3]


The Greek civilization is the only civilization playable at the time of the beta, but will expand to others at launch and post-launch. Greeks were chosen because, "The ancient Greeks are a well-known civilization, and their history includes many interesting events and personalities that will be familiar to people. In going back to this era of history, the Greeks were a natural choice." [4]


Age of Empires Online (under the working title Project S(Spartan),[5] is the most recent game developed by Robot Entertainment, and one of its first games. Before being announced, the game was believed to be based on the Halo franchise. Kotaku then reported later that the game played a lot like Age of Empires.


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