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Rife with volcanic activity and scorched by the nearby orange star Nahuala, Agessia is an unforgiving and ever-shifting puzzle box of a planet. Ceaseless solar winds and magnetic bombardment have thinned Agessia's atmosphere, but these features are actually a boon in wartime. Powerful magnetic fields and large quantities of volcanic ash make many forms of scanning difficult, allowing the asari to hide valuable palladium and molybdenum mines needed for the war efforts. Agessia's sheltered underground colonies remain untouched by the Reapers, at least for the moment.

Facts about "Agessia"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure0.65 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length45.1 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameAgessia +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameAgessia +
NamePageAgessia +
NamesAgessia +
Orbital Distance0.48 AU +
Orbital Period0.4 Earth Years +
PageNameAgessia +
PageTypeElement +
Radius5,984 km +
Surface Gravity0.92 G +
Surface Temperature409.15 K (136 °C, 276.8 °F, 736.47 °R) +

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