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Air Assault Task Force is a hyper-realistic computer wargame developed by ProSIM Company and published by Shrapnel Games. The lead developer was ProSIM Company founder, Pat Proctor. Other developers included Gary Bezant (The Falklands War: 1982) and Curt Pangracs (The Star and the Crescent).[1]

Air Assault Task Force is a modern combat simulator and includes four campaigns, set at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, LA, at LZ X-Ray during the Vietnam War, in the ill-fated Ranger raid in Mogadishu, Somalia (the famous "Black Hawk Down" incident), and Operation Anaconda during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.[2] The game built on the pausable real time gameplay of ProSIM's BCT Commander and the friendly AI and hierarchy system of Armored Task Force.[1][3][4] In addition to a major upgrade to these earlier game systems, it also includes a graphical and GUI overhaul that makes the game more visually appealing and playable than its predecessors.

ProSIM has launched a new series of mini-games based on the Air Assault Task Force engine. The first, called Battle Group Commander, Episode One, was released in February 2009. More mini-game series, including campaigns set in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Desert Storm are expected over the next year.[5]


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