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Air Pirates are enemies found in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II.
Air Pirate KHII


These flying pirates are fairly tough, but nothing special. Like most airborne Heartless, they tend to circle their opponents before swooping in to attack. Get in close and clobber them!


  • Port Royal (level 20)
  • Cerberus Cup (level 28)
  • Land of Dragons (level 35)
  • Titan Cup (level 41)
  • Cerberus Paradox Cup (level 70)
  • Titan Cerberus Cup (level 80)
  • Hades Paradox Cup (level 99)


  • HP (1) x2
  • Munny (5) x2
  • Dark Crystal (8%)
  • Bright Crystal (4%)

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