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Police Car

The fictitious undercover and police versions of the cars that Semir and ben drive in the TV-Series.

  • Semir 3.0/3.0 Police (BMW 320si E90)
  • Ben B32/B32 Estate Police (Mercedes-Benz C350 W204/S204)

Sports Car

Tuned up versions of Ben's car and Semir's car, as well as 3 exotic cars.

  • Semir Sport (BMW M3 E90)
  • Ben Sport (Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG W204)
  • Grandsport TT/-TT Police (Porsche 997 Turbo)
  • Razor 4.0 (Audi R8)
  • Excellence V12 (Aston-Martion DB9 [comparable for their body designs])


Five vehicles suited for driving on rough terrain.

  • Bullet or SUV (Hummer H3)
  • Alligator BiTurbo/-BiTurbo Police (Porsche Cayenne [note that the civilian version is an undercover cop car])
  • Pickup T2/-Monster Truck (Dodge Ram)

American Cobra

Three fictitious car that resemble famous cars of (what is known as) American Muscle.

  • Hellcat (Dodge Challenger SRT8)
  • Hornet/-Hornet Cop (Chevrolet Camaro)

Cobra Special

Five specially made vehicles of Highway Nights

  • Pacemaker Turbo/-Police (Piaggio Ape)
  • Go-Kart
  • Firetruck (Rosenbauer Panther 6x6)
  • Scout (TransportPanzer Fuchs)

Race Car

Vehicles especially suited for rapid response or racing situations. Note: these aren't stock cars; they look to be tuned for the Le Mans Race or the Deutschland Touurenwagen Meisterschaft.

  • Semir DCTW (BMW Motorsport 320 TC)
  • Ben DCTW (Mercedes-Benz C63 DTM)
  • Razor CTR (Audi R8 LMS)
  • Excellence CTR (Aston-Martin DBR9)
  • Formula C11

Road Chief

The heavy-duty vehicles of the game.

  • 6118 Tractor (Pertibilt 359)
  • 31168 Synetic Tours (Mercedes-Benz Travego)


The cargo vans and ambulances.

  • C-Team/-City Mail (Opel Vivaro/Renault Trafic)
  • Armored Money Van/-Ambulance/-S.O.S. 112 (Ford Transit)


The rest of the cars that do not fall into any other category.

  • Ben B32 Estate/-B32 Estate Taxi (Mercedes-Benz S204)
  • Convertible [originally Coupe Convertible] (Mercedes A209)
  • Liquidator 600 (Mercedes W211)
  • Stretch-Limo (Audi A8)
  • MPV 3.0/*3.0 Police (Opel Zafira B)

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