Alba Meira

Alba Meira
Alba Meira in KOF: Maximum Impact 2

Game Series King of Fighters series
First Appearance King Of Fighters Maximum Impact
Alias: "The Devil of Daybreak"
Nationality: German
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 145 lbs
Gender: Male
Birthdate: June 6
Birthplace: Germany
Likes: Billiards and cars, Sunglasses
Dis-Likes: Fish dishes - the most horrifying of which is "sashimi," or the raw fish Japanese eat.
Family: Younger brother, Soiree Meira
Weapon(s): None
Skill(s): His own personal style of Chinese boxing & martial arts

Alba was the protegé of gang leader Fate, who tried to assassinate Duke, the ruling leader of Southtown's underworld. After the failure, Alba was outcast. To regain his position, Alba must fight those designated by Duke in a tournament. One of his skills are memorizing 8-digit numbers at a glance. Soiree is his twin brother. __FLAGS__

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