Alex as he appears in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody.

Game Series Harvest Moon series
First Appearance Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
Status: Alive
Occupation: Doctor
Species: Human
Age: 20-30
Height: Normal
Weight: Normal
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Spring 30
Birthplace: Flower Bud Village
Likes: Turnip, Veggie Juice, Grilled Snapper, Herbs, Milk, Pontana Root
Dis-Likes: Can, Boot
Hobbies: Doctor
Family: Possibly you and a child.
Home: Flower Bud Village's Clinic
Power: Healing
Trademark: Doctor clothing, Stethoscope


Taken from Strategy Guide - The doctor of Flower Bud Village, he cares for you whenever you collapse from overexertion, and always warns you to watch your health.

Alex lives in the Clinic and helps give birth to your wife when she is pregnant. Alex loves receiving medicinal herbs from around the area. The first present he gives you is a Purple Herb, and the 2nd present is a Potion.

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