The following are codes usable from inside the game:

  • acgodmode Toggle "god mode"
  • acallkeys Gives the user all keys
  • acallweapons Gives the user all weapons available on the current level
  • acallmap All polygons shown in map mode.
  • acwarpxx Warp to level xx (i.e. acwarp03 would warp to level 3)
  • acnoclip Walk through walls.
  • acsavepos Save the current position.
  • acloadpos Go to the last saved position.
  • achealth Get 100% health.
  • ackill Kill any monster in line of sight.
  • acundead Respawn all monsters.
  • acstatus Show status overlay.
  • acmemory Show memory usage.

These codes are used form the DOS command line:

  • -godmode Activate "god mode".
  • -allkeys Gives the user all keys.
  • -allweapons Gives the user all weapons available at each level.
  • -allmap All polygons shown in map mode.
  • -warpx Warp to level x (i.e. -warp3 would warp to level 3).
  • -skillx Set default skill to x (use with warp command).
  • -nomonsters No monsters.

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