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Lead Designers

  • Ken Goldstein
  • R. Philip Bouchard

Lead Programmer

  • Rod Nelsen

Produced By

  • Todd Arnold
  • Christa Beeson

Original Music & Sound Design

  • Alex Tkaczevski

Art Director

  • Leila Joslyn

Programming Project Lead

  • Lance Groody

Lead Artist

  • Michael Baisuck

Book Illustration Direction

  • Michelle Bushneff
  • Marcela Pesqueira Evans

Animation & Illustration

  • Michelle Graham
  • Bob King
  • Brad Pollard

Screenplay By

  • Michael Baisuck
  • Ken Goldstein
  • Ryan Holznagel
  • Joan Owens

Casting & Voice Talent Director

  • Mark "Spoonman" Petrakis

Assistant Product Manager

  • Kira Shanti Meers

Quality Assurance

  • Kirk Roulston
  • The Brøderbund Quality Assurance Department

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