The Alliance Engineering Corps cuts roads through mountains and builds bases on asteroids. While the bulk of the AEC has active wartime duties, their brightest are helping build a device of Prothean origin recovered on Mars. Due to the staggering amount of raw materials required, the AEC has been given unprecedented emergency funding for any Alliance resources that will not interfere with the deployment of troops.

The following are unlocked depending on what choices and discoveries the player makes in Mass Effect 3.


Prothean Data Drives discovered by Sonax Industries have been turned over to Alliance engineers.


The Prothean artifact known as the Obelisk of Karza is inscribed specific, technical terms and measurements--useful in decrypting the blueprints to the Crucible.


Alliance scientists analyzing a Prothean Sphere recovered from the Hades Nexus gathered useful data from their research.


The base of a Hesperia-period statue is covered in Prothean writing. Translations have proven useful to engineers working on the Prothean device.

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