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Altered Beast is an arcade game that has been made for many platforms. There is a very similar game Altered Beast Guardian of the Realms for GBA and Project: Altered Beast for PS2 took the transfomations for a more modern twist but has no other relation to original.


The character can kick and punch in human form. Power ups change the character in some way; for example they change appearance and give the ability to throw fireballs.


The player/s in Altered Beast control resurrected human/s whom Zeus orders to rescue Athena.


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ContentTypeVideo Game +
DisplayNameAltered Beast +
FeaturesSingle-player + and Co-op +
GameCatVideo Game +
GenreBeat 'em up + and Fighting +
NameAltered Beast +
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PublisherAsmik Ace Entertainment +, NEC +, Activision +, Ocean Software + and Tec Toy +
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StatusReleased +
Year2009 +, 1988 +, 1989 +, 1990 +, 2006 +, 2004 + and 1999 +

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