Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is an upcoming survival horror video game developed by thechineseroom and produced and published by Frictional Games. The game is an indirect sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which was developed and produced by Frictional Games. While set in the same universe as the previous game, it will feature an entirely new cast of characters and time setting.[3]


Set in 1899, (sixty years after the first Amnesia), the focus of the story will be Oswald Mandus, a wealthy industrialist. Mandus returns from a "disastrous" expedition to Mexico, where tragedy struck. Hit by fever, Mandus has frequent dreams about a dark machine until he regains consciousness. Little does he know that months have passed, and upon awakening, he hears the roar of an engine and a mysterious machine starts up.[3]

The game will feature several real interlocking storylines. Some take place in the past, some in the present, and some are overtly real while some may be imagined.[5]


The game will be a survival horror game played from a first-person perspective. It has been confirmed that some elements of The Dark Descent have been removed, while other, new elements have been added. One of the reasons for this is to provide a fresh gameplay experience to veteran players of The Dark Descent.[3]

The game's level design has been touted as "significantly different" from that of The Dark Descent, with larger areas and outdoor environments included. AI is also being adjusted to ensure players are unable to predict enemy behaviour based on their experiences with the original game. However, it has been confirmed by the developers that the core of the game will remain the same as in The Dark Descent, so as not to disappoint fans who want more of what they loved in the original.[5] It has also been confirmed in an interview with Thomas Grip at Frictional Games that the Inventory has been removed.


In 2010, after the release of The Dark Descent, Frictional Games wanted to further the Amnesia franchise, but had no time for it. Later, they met Dan Pinchbeck of thechineseroom at GDC Europe 2011, where the plan for the game began to form.[3]

Development for the game began in December 2011 at thechineseroom, while Frictional Games was producing and publishing the title.

The game was originally set to release before Halloween 2012, but was delayed to early 2013 due to overwhelming response and to meet the expectations.[6]

In February 2013 Frictional Games announced a status update about the game in which they announced they would release the game in Q2 2013.

How come a game meant for Halloween 2012 has been delayed for so long? Originally we thought it would be a short, experimental game set in the universe of Amnesia, but thechineseroom had a vision that was bigger than that. As their work progressed, the potential for a much greater project emerged. What we ended up with is no longer what we had first imagined, but a fully fledged Amnesia game. A different kind of Amnesia, but definitely not a short experiment.

—Frictional Games[7]

In late May 2013, Jens Nilsson, one of the owners of Frictional Games, stated in a Frictional Games forum post that: "We know we will not make Q2 (2013), we also know when the game will be ready for launch. We have not set the exact day yet. You can however make good use of the weather outside this summer and look forward to gaming with the piggies as the summer comes to an end."[8] The game may potentially be released late Summer or early Fall, nearly a year later than the originally proposed release date around Halloween 2012.

As of June 14, 2013 a new 'due date' of Summer 2013 was given on thechineseroom's re-vamped web site.[4]


Initially codenamed as "gameB", the announcement of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was preceded by a viral marketing and alternate reality game campaign that began when Frictional Games updated their website Next Frictional Game, which has prior been used to announce the first installment, in early 2012. The website featured a heavily blurred image, the Amnesia logo and a caption reading "Something is emerging...".

The blurred image was hyperlinked to Google Maps with the search field set as "China". The website was later updated with a slightly less blurred image, and hyperlinked to Google Maps with the search field set as "Boreray". It was updated for a second time, with a non-blurred image (a piece of concept art), redirecting to Google Maps with the search field set as 502 2nd Avenue in Seattle. The three hyperlinks were hints towards thechineseroom's involvement in the game (a previous game by thechineseroom, Dear Esther, was set on an Hebridean island like Boreray, and the address in Seattle pointed towards a restaurant named 'The Chinese Room').

Examination of the site's source code led fans to a webpage that resembled a computer console with usable commands and a countdown. After the expiration of the countdown, a message on the page read "A machine for pigs coming fall two thousand twelve." The game was formally announced via video game blog Joystiq.[3]

On June 14, 2012, the first teaser trailer was released on the frictionalgames YouTube channel. It showed various scenes from the game, from industrial settings to more studious rooms. In the final shot, the character wakes up to the sound of an enemy breaking down a door making pig-like grunts and squeals. An unseen creature enters the room, its shadow is cast against the back wall as the player hides under a set of stairs.[9]

Also unveiled was the website for the game.[6]

On October 31, 2012, to coincide with Halloween, a second trailer was posted to the frictionalgames YouTube channel. A lot of new features were shown such as the updated lantern and the new voice for the main character. The trailer also shows more scenery, including the pig slaughterhouse, where the player is cornered by the new monster of the game.


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