The Andro is a bipedal monster from the game Phantom Dust wearing some sort of ragged, leather clothing. It has one camera-like eye in the center of its leather covered head. You can play as the Andro in Multiplayer mode by holding down the L+R buttons and choosing Chunky.

This is the Memory Box explaining about the Andro:The Andro, a Humanoid type, has more powerful Attack and reversal defensive skills than the Anthro. That's not to say, however, it's more powerful than the Anthro—only that it appears to be more intelligent. It constantly maintains a mid-range distance with opponents and uses this basic stance when moving. There are some Andros who don't care about their Health or Level when attacking, and it appears that they cannot counter Erase skills. The Andro also has an "even if it means death, kill them" warrior mentality—a strategy not quite possible for us true humans. The Andro has the ability to tumble or roll forward. __FLAGS__

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