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Animal is a video game starring the Peperami character, voiced by Ade Edmondson. It is a point-and-click adventure puzzle game that also includes a 'shoot 'em up' component, called 'eat-em-up' since the game is set in a universe in which food products are personified. It is an early example of advergaming.


Pepereinstein, a local scientist of 'Snackland' has been kidnapped, and Peperami has taken it upon himself to rescue him.


  • Peperami Hall, where the protagonist Peperami lives, and where the eminent professor, Pepereinstein, works.
  • The night club, in which only biscuits are allowed
  • The Nut Baron's Blues Bar, frequented by nuts, and the particularly nutty General E. Nuts, an eccentric nut
  • Calorie Gallery, an art gallery that remains closed throughout the game
  • Tuber Towers
  • Downtown
  • The Docklands

Travel between these locations is achieved through a teleportation system called 'HITS' (the Home Interactive Transportation System), which sucks passengers into it through a television screen; and by taxi, although the taxis will never take you where you ask them to go.

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