Animal Crossing -e are cards that allows downloadable content for Animal Crossing. The downloadable content includes furniture and songs.

There were about 60 cards in each series and they were distributed in randomly grouped five-packs with an MSRP of $2.99. Character Cards contained a password and a Dot Code. Swiping the Dot Code of a Character Card through the e-Reader (which would have to be connected to a Game Boy Advance that was connected to a Game Boy Advance - Gamecube Link Cable which was connected to a Nintendo Gamecube that was currently playing Animal Crossing) would result in receiving an in-game item, such as furniture or clothing. You could also use Character Cards without the e-Reader by entering it's password in a letter and sending it to one of the villagers in your town. They might sometimes (but not always) respond with a gift.

The non-Character Cards were Town Tune cards and Design cards. As with the Character Cards, these cards could interact with the game through the e-Reader but did not require it. Scanning a Town Tune card would change the Town Tune to the tune programmed in Dot Code, and scanning a Design card would give you a clothing (or umbrella, or wallpaper) pattern. However, both types of cards contained instructions on how to replicate the tune or design without an e-Reader, by either showing you the design in a grid or showing the notes of the Town Tune and letting you enter it in manually. Design and Town Tune cards were often old-school gaming sprites or sound effects.

Each character card had a detailed profile of the character printed on the card, including information like gender and species. As with most trading cards, some cards were made to be rarer than others. The Animal Crossing-e cards were intended to be collectibles more than anything else.


  • KK Slider (Download - Folk Guitar) (Password - Orange Box)
  • Rover (Download - Covered Wagon) (Password - Globe)
  • Porter (Download - Train Set) (Password - Track Model)
  • Tom Nook (Download - Tape Deck) (Password - Work Uniform)
  • Tortimer (Download - Plum Bonsai) (Password - Chess Table)
  • Mr. Resetti (Download - Steam Roller) (Password - Jack Hammer)
  • Blathers (Download - Owl Clock) (Password - Ranch Dresser)
  • Sable Able (Download - Sunflower) (Password - Sewing Machine)
  • Mabel Able (Download - Gerbera) (Password - Ranch Wardrobe)
  • Kapp'n (Download - Letter Cubby) (Password - Flip-top Desk)
  • Bob (Download - Kiddie Clock) (Password - G Logo)
  • Mitzi (Download - Blue Bed) (Password - Cabana Bookcase)
  • Punchy (Download - Blue Table) (Password - Tumbleweed)
  • Ankha (Download - Ivory Piano) (Password - Regal Dresser)
  • Paola (Download - Hamster Cage) (Password - Elephant Slide)
  • Teddy (Download - Ebony Piano) (Password - Writing Desk)
  • Portia (Download - White Knight) (Password - Regal Vanity)
  • Peanut (Download - Dice Stereo) (Password - Stove)
  • Bliss (Download - Cabana Chair) (Password - Weeping Fig)
  • Bunnie (Download - Lovely Stereo) (Password - Papa Bear)
  • O'Hare (Download - Computer) (Password - Gold Stereo)
  • Bill (Download - Exotic Lamp) (Password - Birdcage)
  • Joey (Download - Backyard Pool) (Password - Sprinkler)
  • Maelle(Download - Classic Hutch) (Password - Classic Sofa)
  • Biff (Download - Green Dresser) (Password - Folk Guitar)
  • Lobo (Download - Cabin Chair) (Password - Globe)
  • Rasher (Download - Widescreen TV) (Password - White Golf Bag)
  • Pigleg (Download - Pop Machine) (Password - Fan)
  • Rhoda (Download - Dice Stereo) (Password - Regal Vanity)
  • Plucky (Download - Cabin Dresser) (Password - Cabin Couch)
  • Tad (Download - Lily Pad Table) (Password - Froggy Chair)
  • Drift (Download - Coffee Machine) (Password - Watering Trough)
  • Chevre (Download - Mama Bear) (Password - Papa Bear)
  • Bangle (Download - Round Cactus) (Password - Kitschy Clock)
  • Rowan (Download - Flowery Painting) (Password - Cabin Low Table)
  • Buck (Download - Phonograph) (Password - Exotic Chest)
  • Bluebear (Download - Blue Bed) (Password - Rock Guitar)
  • June (Download -Widescreen TV ) (Password - Daffodil Chair)
  • Cheri (Download - Retro Stereo) (Password - Bear Pole)
  • Apollo (Download - Hi-Fi Stereo) (Password - Billiard Table)
  • Cube (Download - Robo Stereo) (Password - Daffodil Chair)
  • Flash (Download - Hi-Fi Stereo) (Password - Blue Bench)
  • Yodel (Download - Weight Bench) (Password - Boxing Mat)
  • Faith (Download - Elephant Slide) (Password - Executive Toy)
  • Bud (Download - Ebony Piano) (Password - Djimbe Drum)
  • Flossie (Download - Lovely Kitchen) (Password - Green Table)
  • Pinky (Download - Exotic Table) (Password - Red Vase)
  • Nibbles (Download - Lovely Lamp) (Password - Water Bird)
  • Dotty (Download - Space Station) (Password - Lunar Lander)
  • Scoot (Download - Pop Machine) (Password - Lefty Desk)
  • Baris (Download - Computer) (Password - Train Set)
  • Goose (Download - Ranch Hutch) (Password - Ranch Bed)
  • Admiral (Download - Plum Bonsai) (Password - Samurai Suit)
  • Kody (Download - Frogwoman Pole) (Password - Raven Pole)
  • Pierce (Download - Moving Painting) (Password - Regal Vanity)
  • Puck (Download - Blue Dresser) (Password - Blue Clock)
  • Bones (Download - Writing Desk) (Password - Writing Chair)
  • Dora (Download - Picnic Table) (Password - Sewing Machine)
  • Spike (Download - Sandbag) (Password - Iron Frame)
  • Jane (Download - Apple TV) (Password - Lovely Lamp)
  • K.K. Slider's "Only Me"
  • K.K. Faire
  • DJ K.K
  • Mr. K.K.
  • Shine Sprite
  • Jumpman Mario

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