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Animal Crossing -e are cards that allows downloadable content for Animal Crossing. The downloadable content includes furniture and songs.

There were about 60 cards in each series and they were distributed in randomly grouped five-packs with an MSRP of $2.99. Character Cards contained a password and a Dot Code. Swiping the Dot Code of a Character Card through the e-Reader (which would have to be connected to a Game Boy Advance that was connected to a Game Boy Advance - Gamecube Link Cable which was connected to a Nintendo Gamecube that was currently playing Animal Crossing) would result in receiving an in-game item, such as furniture or clothing. You could also use Character Cards without the e-Reader by entering it's password in a letter and sending it to one of the villagers in your town. They might sometimes (but not always) respond with a gift.

The non-Character Cards were Town Tune cards and Design cards. As with the Character Cards, these cards could interact with the game through the e-Reader but did not require it. Scanning a Town Tune card would change the Town Tune to the tune programmed in Dot Code, and scanning a Design card would give you a clothing (or umbrella, or wallpaper) pattern. However, both types of cards contained instructions on how to replicate the tune or design without an e-Reader, by either showing you the design in a grid or showing the notes of the Town Tune and letting you enter it in manually. Design and Town Tune cards were often old-school gaming sprites or sound effects.

Each character card had a detailed profile of the character printed on the card, including information like gender and species. As with most trading cards, some cards were made to be rarer than others. The Animal Crossing-e cards were intended to be collectibles more than anything else.


  • NES Link (given out by Nintendo Power)
  • Boy (1) (Mini Game - Relay Race) (Password - Bus Stop, Mario Trophy and Station Model 14)
  • Boy (2) (Mini Game - Relay Race) (Password - Speed Sign, Luigi Trophy and Station Model 15)
  • Girl (1) (Mini Game - Jump Rope) (Password - Gerbera, Garden Gnome and Pansy Model 1)
  • Girl (2) (Mini Game - Jump Rope) (Password - Sunflower, Mrs. Flamingo and Cosmos Model 3)
  • Tom Nook (Download - College Rule) (Password - Orange Box)
  • Pelly (Download - Pine Chair) (Password - Diary)
  • Copper (Download - Office Desk) (Password - Folding Chair)
  • Saharah (Download - Tropical Floor) (Password - Exquisite Rug)
  • Joan (Download - Potbelly Stove) (Password - Bus Stop)
  • Jingle (Download - Jingle Piano) (Password - Jingle Lamp)
  • Redd (Download - Lavender Robe) (Password - Shrine Lantern)
  • Olivia (Download - Ivory Piano) (Password - Regal Vanity)
  • Stinky (Download - Judge's Bell) (Password - Neutral Corner)
  • Purrl (Download - Exotic Bed) (Password - Birdcage)
  • Eloise (Download - Green Pantry) (Password - Green Lamp)
  • Elina (Download - Bird Batch) (Password - Mrs. Flamingo)
  • Eunice (Download - Ebony Piano) (Password - Retro TV)
  • Baabara (Download - Turntable) (Password - Tea Set)
  • Dozer (Download - Exotic Lamp) (Password - Classic Bed)
  • Grizzly (Download - 8 Mat Tatami) (Password - Keg)
  • Cookie (Download - Ranch Chair) (Password - Sunflower)
  • Butch (Download - Billiard Table) (Password - Modern Desk)
  • Filbert (Download - Train Set) (Password - Corn Plant)
  • Sally (Download - Pear Dresser) (Password - Pear Wardrobe)
  • Doc (Download - Flip-top Desk) (Password - Chalkboard)
  • Coco(Download - Garden Pond) (Password - Misty Shirt)
  • Pompom (Download - Refrigerator) (Password - Stove)
  • Derwin (Download - Writing Desk) (Password - Globe)
  • Bubbles (Download - Nook's Portrait) (Password - Watermelon Table)
  • Chief (Download - Robo-Clock) (Password - Odd Clock)
  • Dobie (Download - Hammock) (Password - Cow Skull)
  • Samson (Download - Dice Stereo) (Password - Water Bird)
  • Limberg (Download - Sand Garden) (Password - Deer Scare)
  • Curly (Download - Cabin Bookcase) (Password - Tall Cactus)
  • Lucy (Download - Aiko Figure) (Password - Deer Scare)
  • Ava (Download - Baby Bear) (Password - Cabin Table)
  • Leigh (Download - Cabin Dresser) (Password - Cabin Bed)
  • Chuck (Download - Green Wardrobe) (Password - Green Bench)
  • Patty (Download - Cabana Bed) (Password - Cabana Lamp)
  • Jay (Download - None) (Password - Vibraphone)
  • Midge (Download - Lovely Stereo) (Password - Lovely Lamp)
  • Puddles (Download - Red Boom Box) (Password - Apple TV)
  • Lily (Download - Mop) (Password - Fan)
  • Camofrog (Download - Office Flooring) (Password - Tricera Skull)
  • Boots (Download - Common Painting) (Password - Exotic Screen)
  • Iggy (Download - Maple Bonsai) (Password - Mugho Bonsai)
  • Tybalt (Download - Barber's Pole) (Password - Folding Chair)
  • Cyrano (Download - Tall Lantern) (Password - Speed Bag)
  • Yuka (Download - Ivory Piano) (Password - Regal Bookcase)
  • Elmer (Download - Regal Chair) (Password - Phonograph)
  • Peaches (Download - Letter Cubby) (Password - Watering Trough)
  • Vladimir (Download - Handcart) (Password - Haz-mat Barrel)
  • Poncho (Download - Modern Wardrobe) (Password - Classic Table)
  • Peewee (Download - High-end Stereo) (Password - Taiko Drum)
  • Sprocket (Download - Robo-Clock) (Password - Extinguisher)
  • Marcy (Download - Tropical Floor) (Password - Toilet)
  • Kitt (Download - Ebony Piano) (Password - Classic Desk)
  • Buzz (Download - Black King) (Password - Rock Guitar)
  • Roald (Download - Kiddie Clock) (Password - Space Shuttle)
  • Aurora (Download - Kitschy Clock) (Password - Elephant Slide)
  • Olive (Download - Mama Bear) (Password - Wobbelina)
  • Franklin (Download - Harvest Sofa) (Password - Harvest TV)
  • Mr. Resetti & Don (Download - Cement Mixer) (Password - Traffic Cone and Man At Work Sign)
  • Samus's Suit
  • Pikmin Pattern
  • Star Fox Emblem
  • K.K. Tour Tee
  • K.K. Country
  • K.K. Parade
  • K.K. Aria
  • Señor K.K

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