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A large terrestrial planet, Antinax has been passed over by the turians and potential investors alike. When the turians won the planet from the krogan, they sought to sell mineral rights, but ultimately found no buyers. One survey team dubbed it "a stinking world with nothing to recommend it but brimstone and bad steel," and like Gellix, the planet was soon forgotten.

Despite being farther from its parent star than Gellix, Antinax has a thick atmosphere of nitrogen, methane, and ethane-greenhouse gases that retain significant heat. There are few valuable minerals on Antinax, the most abundant being sulfur and iron.

Facts about "Antinax"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure20.88 Earth Atmospheres +
Day Length34.2 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameAntinax +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 3 +
NameAntinax +
NamePageAntinax +
NamesAntinax +
Orbital Distance3.05 AU +
Orbital Period5.3 Earth Years +
PageNameAntinax +
PageTypeElement +
Radius9,584 km +
Surface Gravity1.5 G +
Surface Temperature487.15 K (214 °C, 417.2 °F, 876.87 °R) +

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