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Mass Effect & Mass Effect 3

Antiroprus is a hydrogen-helium gas giant that formed in the outer regions of Ming's system, and is in the process of migrating inwards. In a few million years, the planet's atmosphere will begin to "boil away" into space.

There is sizeable temperature difference between the side of Antiroprus facing the energetic blue giant primary and the side facing the cold of deep space. This variance powers massive cyclonic wind systems. The intense heat is absorbs from the sun, in addition to its own internal heat engine, causes the planet's dark side to radiate faintly in the infrared.

Facts about "Antiroprus"RDF feed
Day Length10.8 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameAntiroprus +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect + and Mass Effect 3 +
NameAntiroprus +
NamePageAntiroprus +
NamesAntiroprus +
Orbital Distance168.7 AU +
Orbital Period284.2 Earth Years +
PageNameAntiroprus +
PageTypeElement +
Radius57,948 km +

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