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  • Population: Estimated 90,000 (free), 215,000 (other)

"Like Mount Everest inside an oven," was how Jon Grissom described Aratoht while on a fact-finding mission to see if the garden world was worth contestation with the batarians. His team ultimately decided that the planet's air pressure and oxygen content were too low for large-scale human habitation. Undeterred, the Batarian Hegemony colonized the planet's polar regions and began an extensive terraforming effort with cyanobacteria and invasive plant species. Alliance intelligence has confirmed that the colony has several batarian military installations, which are too close to human space for the Alliance's comfort.

EDI'S TRAVEL ADVISORY: The Batarian Hegemony considers any presence of Alliance military vessels in batarian space as hostile. The Normandy SR2, while an independent vessel, strongly resembles the Normandy SR1, an Alliance ship. Use of stealth systems is highly recommended.

Facts about "Aratoht"RDF feed
Atmospheric Pressure0.57 Earth Atmospheres +
CapitalEctah +
Colony Founded2162 +
Day Length20.0 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameAratoht +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameAratoht +
NamePageAratoht +
NamesAratoht +
Orbital Distance1.15 AU +
Orbital Period1.2 Earth Years +
PageNameAratoht +
PageTypeElement +
Radius4,757 km +
Surface Gravity0.71 G +
Surface Temperature328.15 K (55 °C, 131 °F, 590.67 °R) +

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