Arena Football is a PlayStation 2 and Xbox video game developed by Electronic Arts (under their EA Sports brand). It was released on February 7, 2006. The cover features quarterback John Dutton, from ArenaBowl XIXs champion team, the Colorado Crush. The game is similar to EA's other simulation football games (NCAA Football and Madden NFL Football), but adopts a style of play that is similar to the faster and more frantic paced Arena game. The game includes all the rules, rosters, and teams for the AFL season.

2006 AFL teams

All of the teams that are competing in the 2006 season are included. The New Orleans VooDoo have been excluded because they have temporarily halted operations due to Hurricane Katrina. However, their logo is available for use in the game's create-a-team feature. The VooDoo resumed operations in 2007. The Kansas City Brigade franchise and its colors have been included, but the official name and logo didn't make it in because they were unveiled after the game had gone into production so the team was known as the Kansas City KC in the video game.

Historic teams

EA included a number of historic teams in Arena Football. Though not every Arena League team in history is represented, a good deal are. They are awarded to the player upon meeting certain statistical goals in a game. Here is a complete list:

Teams included

Teams not included


History of AFL video games

Unbeknownst to some, Arena Football is not the first videogame to feature the Arena Football League. However, it can be considered the first simulation (as opposed to arcade-style) Arena Football League game. Other Arena Football League games are:[1]

  • Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed (2000) - PlayStation - Midway Games - A completely arcade-style video game that was based on the NFL Blitz game engine. Considered the first true Arena Football League game.
  • Arena Football '95 (1995) - Atari Jaguar - V-Real - Unreleased game that made it about half way through development before cancellation.[2]
  • Arena Football (1988) - Commodore 64 - Chris R. Bickford III - Independently coded text-based game for the C64 back during the early years of the AFL.[3]

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