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The argus provides a qualitative leap in planetary surface imaging. A proprietary technology of the Ayndroid Group, a RRD laboratory reportedly owned by Cerberus, this upgrade for Normandy's sensory array delivers superior long-range topographical scanning resolution and rendering speed.

By deploying an orbital multistatic grid of 100 radar-emitting micro-satellites, the Argus quickly delivers a global Digital Elevation Model (DEM) at 15 meters per pixel (mpp) resolution, vastly outclassing the Normandy's previous scanner peak performance of 27 mpp. Such imaging quality provides superior defensive intelligence, and at a speed warranted by the dangers of combat.

At slower scanning and rendering speed, the Argus can resolve down to an astonishing 0.001 mpp -- one millimeter per pixel -- ideal for geological and biological prospecting, archeological research, and long-term security surveillance. By employing such a massive multistatic grid of nearly-untraceable micro-emitters, the resilient Argus is virtually invulnerable to electronic countermeasures. The spherical geometry of the Argus grid also allows superior cross-sectioning of targets.

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