Game Series Devil May Cry series
First Appearance Devil May Cry 3
Alter Ego: Jester
Affiliation: Vergil (formerly)
Species: Cambion (selfmade)
Gender: Male
Family: Lady (Daughter)
Power: Cambion Powers
Fighting Style: Presumably Trickster
Weapon(s): Magic Wand

Demonic Book

Skill(s): Research , Hakuda
Trademark: Heterochronogetic , Bald

"  Welcome to hell!  " - As Jester


Arkham is a selfmade cambion obsessed with obtaining the power of sparda and ruling both worlds.

Physical Description

As Arkham , he is a subtle looking bald man with a yet serious expression, He has a demonic tattoo o

as Jester

n the left side of his head which pulsates. He and his daughter are both heterochronogetic. He has a pseudo appearance of a preacher which is ironic to his demonic personality.

As Jester he has pale white skin , an abnormally large nose , long red finger nails and is once again heterochronogetic and has the outfit of a medieval clown as the name suggests.

His assigned colour is purple.


Arkham has displayed an array of contrast personalities - he was compassionate to Lady , mischevious to Dante (as Jester) and stern to Vergil.

His real personality is of being stern and he is maniacal is his quest for domination.

Appearance in video games

Devil May Cry 3

Appearance in other media

The Devil May Cry Manga