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Armorines (Get it? Marines? Armor? Huh? Huh?) originally started as an N64 game in 1999 until it was ported to the Sony PlayStation in 2000. The gameplay is similar to that of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, most likely due to using the same engine. On the N64, the game supports to the Expansion Pak for a stronger frame rate and better graphics.


Aliens have invaded earth. And like all aliens in most games, they are just giant insects. Apparently that's how evolution works everywhere else. Since they're giant insects, they are inherently evil. The evil alien bugs come down and destroy all of civilization. Two Armorines, elite fighting forces in the US with special super-suits, survive the invasion. Their mission is to infiltrate the enemy Hives spread across the globe and destroy them to cripple the invasion.

PlayStation version

When it was ported, the PlayStation received some exclusive changes, and also some flaws as a result of poor porting.

  • New 2-player Co-Op mode.
  • Multiplayer Deathmatch
  • Unwieldy control schemes

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