Army Men: Air Tactics, is a video game in the Army Men franchise released in 2000 for Windows by The 3DO Company. This game was also known to be similar to "Air Attack" (or Air Combat on the Nintendo 64), though others consider them to be completely different games.[citation needed] Air Tactics is a helicopter game using the Army Men 2 engine and is only available on the PC, Air Attack/Air Combat is available on Nintendo 64, PC, and PlayStation.


During the game the player the player takes control of Captain Blade of the Green Airborne Cavalry. The game is an overhead view flight simulator that places the player in a number of different helicopters. Captain Blade's main responsibility is to act as aerial support for Sarge and his men. This game introduced abilities such as lifting heavy objects and transporting them to other locations, landing on the ground to load/unload soldiers and featuring unique airborne combat not seen in the other games.


Army Men: Air Tactics has a score of 77 on Metacritic.[1]


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