Army Men: RTS is a game in the Army Men video game series. It is a real time strategy game. The game includes 15 campaign missions, 8 "special operation" missions and 8 "great battles" missions. The game revolves around collecting resources (Plastic & Electricity) and using it to build structures and troops while fighting the tan army. Each structure/soldier requires a certain amount of resources. The game is heavily based on the movie "Apocalypse Now", as the player has to hunt down an insane colonel.[4] It is the final game released by 3DO in the series.


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Army Men: RTS's gameplay requires the acquisition and control of two resources; plastic and electricity, which are necessary to construct combat units and buildings. Plastic, which is required for all normal units, is taken from everyday objects, including Frisbees, dog bowls, and toys. Additionally, whenever a unit or structure is destroyed, a chunk of plastic worth a fraction of its initial cost appears where it was destroyed. Plastic is 'harvested' by Dump Trucks. Electricity, which is required for vehicles and Radio operator equipment, is drawn from electrical objects, such as batteries, toasters, and walkie-talkies. A particular structure, the Resource Depot, must be built to collect the resources gathered by the Dump Trucks.

Players use their resources to construct buildings and units. Since both factions have access to the same buildings and units neither side has an innate advantage over the other. Some buildings construct new units while others provide defense for a base. The production buildings can be upgraded to produce better units. Units are either infantry or vehicles. Infantry troops are cheap to produce but are not as tough, while vehicles tend to be costly. Vehicles range from passive (dump trucks and base-building bulldozers) to aggressive (tanks and half-tracks) to defensive (mine layers) to suicidal Dum-dums, robots armed with firecrackers). Aside from grunts and grenadiers, infantry units have a special task; minesweepers clear out traps, snipers are potent anti-infantry units, and mortar men can annihilate buildings from afar.

Due to the nature of each unit, players must be able to counter whatever they are facing. A group of snipers could wipe out a force of grunts with ease, but the same group of snipers would be helpless against a half-track. Countering the half-track with a tank would leave a weakness to choppers. Players must balance both the relative strengths and weaknesses of their forces and their opponent's forces with the cost of producing the units.

Level balance can be changed by other factors. Power-ups, which can improve the speed, health, or damage of whichever side finds them first, cause a disparity between the sides. Heroes, powerful versions of the regular infantry, can cause great damage before being destroyed. Insects, chiefly ants, act as free units for whichever side is allied with them. The secondary objectives of single player missions often deal with one of these things.


The Windows version of Army Men: RTS allows for multiplayer with up to eight people.[5] A copy of GameSpy Arcade was bundled with the game. Players can team up in multiplayer matches, or the battle can be a free-for-all. Victory occurs when the opposing side has no Headquarters and cannot build one in three minutes. Aside from GameSpy Arcade, connections can be made on a LAN or through a direct connection between players. Most people are part of a Clan when using Gamespy Arcade. Gameranger and hamachi can be used instead.



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Army Men RTS started out with sarge giving a pep talk to a squad of grunts in the front yard. After he leads the grunts in breaking though the tans first line of defense and moves onto central yard.

At central yard, Sarge leads Riff, Scorch, and a squad of grunts as they build a base and destroy a tan base at the other side of the yard. Once the mission ends a cut scene play showing green forces securing the yard as Sarge talks with Colonel Grimm, who tells Sarge that he has a top secret mission for him, and Sarge accepts.

Grimm send Sarge and the Heroes to the garden were the tan have discovered an unlimited energy source (a garden light) and tells Sarge and his team to destroy it. After Sarge destroys the garden light he is lifted out with his team by a Chinook

Sarge, Riff, Scorch, and Hoover then lead an assault on the Tan held front door only to find it locked. After discovering the door is locked, Grimm contacts Sarge telling him that they can enter the house though a basement window. After destroying a tan base by the window Sarge and the heroes jump down into the basement.

Once in the Basement Sarge, Riff, Scorch, Hoover, Thick, and a new comer Bullseye travel through the basement fighting worker ants. Grimm then contacts Sarge telling him that Blintz has sent a wave of bomber to kill him and the heroes. They make it to the stairs and into the kitchen before the bomber could kill them.

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