Army Men II, released in 1998 is the second game in the long running Army Men video game franchise from The 3DO Company and a direct sequel to 1998s Army Men. The game differs from the first one in that it has battles in both the "real world" and the "plastic world." It is also the fist to introduce the concept of portals between our world and their world. A topic that was expanded on in later games.


Template:Plot The game begins with Sarge and a small squad in the kitchen. After they fight their way across the kitchen counter, they find a portal and end up back in the plastic world. The game then continues through a forested, hilly land which includes a radio installation, a tank factory, and an airfield. (These all appear to be in the same area of the plastic world.) In the airfield Sarge has to rendezvous with an older soldier and save a blue spy from tan forces.

The next stage in the game involves Sarge finding a missing colonel in a tropical area. There, he finds that soldiers from all four armies have banded together in what is called "the Cult". Later it is revealed that colonel has gone mad and is the leader of this cult. He escapes through a portal and is followed by Sarge into the front yard of somebody's house. It was there that Sarge faced suicide bombers, roaches, and various members of the cult; eventually, Sarge had to take out the colonel himself.

The next four levels involve a fight against scientists who work for the Tan Army. It starts in a tropical area where Sarge again finds the old man and engages in a battle against zombies (which are created by the infamous Insane Grey Doctor, Dr. Madd). There Sarge has to destroy the generators which are necessary to keep the zombie mold factory running. Next Sarge finds himself in a desert where he must take out other scientists. He then goes through another portal which takes him to a hobby table in a garage. There he must stop several scientists from escaping back into the plastic world. He goes through a portal and emerges in what appears to be a tan base. A forested, middle-of-nowhere type of place, it is the epitome of the levels involving the enemy scientists. Here there are zombies, suicide bombers, and another set of scientists that have to be assassinated.

Afterwards, Sarge is back in the desert. This time he finds himself at a tan fortress. After evading a massive wave of angry soldiers, Sarge must again rescue the blue spy. He then has to find a key leading to a weapon of mass destruction located in the center of the level. After that he has to get to the weapon and destroy it before the tans use it. When he is done there, he must find another portal out of there.

He finds himself located in a child's bedroom which is crawling with tan soldiers. It is in here that he hunts down Major Mylar on a fortress-like playset and takes him out. In the closing movie, the greens swoop in, taking out the remaining tans and enjoying a major victory for the Green Army. On top of a nightstand or dresser, General Plastro can be seen spying on them. Under his breath, he "thanks" the greens for getting rid of Mylar, and "encourages" them to enjoy their victory for now. Laughing maniacally, he says that he something special planned for next time.

An ominous scene involving Dr. Madd working on the remains of Mylar in his lab concludes the ending movie.


Overall the game received good to mixed reviews. GameSpot called it a fun game, but also said that it's "not all it could have been."